The perpetual spin and drum of expectations offers us a transient sense of freedom in the present moment. Find, between the loops and pulses of your conscience, a visceral escape in the richness of now— until refuge disappears, and time spins on. 

Rubin Kodheli, hailed as a virtuoso, is one of the 21st century’s most pioneering cellist. His genre-defying compositions weave together blended threads of rock, jazz and classical influences. Forging a distinctive voice in the New York scene over the past twenty years, Kodheli has closely collaborated with many of the most influential artists of our time including Philip Glass, Laurie Anderson, Henry Threadgill, Snoop Dogg, Meredith Monk, and Lee Konitz.  

Kodheli’s latest solo program, ESCAPE, elucidates the twisted cycle of expectations and escape mechanisms that burden individuals along the pathway towards upholding self-identity. ESCAPE incarnates the human identity in constant flux; constantly striving to meet expectations and often failing. Kodheli asks audiences: how do we pick up the pieces? On which mechanisms do we rely to escape our disappointment and rediscover our path?

A fusion of Kodheli’s personal and musical experiences performed as a live improvised cello and looping audio set,—effortlessly meshed with original projected visuals— ESCAPE is a reflection on the universal themes of inner turmoil, the cyclical phenomenon of understanding, and finding solace in nature. Audiences gaze into Kodheli’s personal journey as an Albanian immigrant and artist, and share a personal moment that is truly unique every performance.